We design and create adhesive products with all body types, shapes, sizes, and shades in mind.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality adhesive bras and nipple covers that enable women to wear what they want with the support and coverage they need.


“the unconventional bra for the unconventional woman...”

I think it’s fair to say that your fashion style says a lot about who you are as a person. To me, it was the perfect outlet for my creativity and self-expression. Yet time and time again I become so FRUSTRATED with the way a bra could ruin my perfect outfit. Straps got in the way and bra bands would dig into my sides; conventional bras were not cutting it. Why should I have to choose between my OOTD and the coverage and comfort I needed?

I realized something had to change. When I finally found adhesive bras hidden in small mom & pop fashion stores, I was bewildered. How was something so life changing not in the mainstream fashion scene? I soon found my answer. The adhesive bras in the market were limited to a pink color and oftentimes were not sticky and even had dead bugs caught in the adhesive. When large brands finally caught on, the prices were quadrupled.

That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I sought to create the unconventional bra for the unconventional woman meanwhile staying affordable. With Circle Circle Dot Dot, I’ve made it my mission to share my love of fashion and my love of these little life savers I like to call adhesive bras and nipple covers.
I hope you’ll join me in spreading fashion love and body positivity with women everywhere. 

Best wishes,

CEO & Founder of Circle Circle Dot Dot



Endless Fashion Possibilities 

Goodbye fashion frustration, hello liberation. With CCDD products, we guarantee you will never feel limited because of a bra ever again. 


A solution for all sizes

Whether you are part of the IBTC or have E+ cup, we will have a braless solution for you.


Affordable & Accessible

Our products will always be affordable and accessible to all women without compromising on quality and experience. 


Quality materials & construction

Many of our products were hand-made or hand-assembled so there will be slight variations. However, we back our products to be quality material and skin-safe. They definitely won't fall apart after only a few uses.